a change of pace

I’m usually not one to write “slice-of-life” blog posts, but today was a relaxing juxtaposition to the tone of my previous posts. Perhaps I wanted to show that, when left to my own devices, I don’t always have to be so serious and pensive.

While I should have urgently been working on my scholarship essays, the course of my day was predetermined after I slept in two hours late. (Hey, there are three days left to write those essays, right…?)

So I felt unashamed to spend the afternoon decorating the family Christmas tree and making holiday cards for my friends and family dispersed across the country. As I was working, I realized this would be my first Christmas with my Canon. Naturally I grabbed the camera and started shooting.








Here’s a bonus photo of my dog, who didn’t exactly know what to think of the tree. When I was taking this, she was lying so still that I lowered my f-stop to 1/8!


My next post will focus on my photography and revisit my time in D.C.


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