the only tradition


Growing up, there were never many Christmas traditions in my household. Since I moved around a lot as a kid, it was kind of hard to establish traditions when we were always in a new house and hardly ever near any family. But every year, without fail, my mom was always baking. This year she decided to rev it up a little bit. Maybe it’s because my brother and I are getting older, maybe it’s because she’s trying to feel closer to her mom, or maybe she just feels like baking, and, well, I’m not complaining. The product of her craze was a kitchen table with a healthy dose of sugar, frosting, and Christmas spirit. And here’s just a part of it.






(Man, I wish I could be a food photographer for Good Housekeeping or something.)

Bonus photo of a Christmas gift I’m making for my parents.


Next up is a bonus entry about her gingerbread cookies, which are so adorable they deserve their own post.


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